Bespoke Advisory

A customised advisory proposition with a focus on dedicated advice based on unique objectives, investment styles and tailored solutions.

The investment advisory team based on a risk profiling questionnaire, analyses each investor’s risk appetite and tolerance. Optimal recommendations across asset classes are structured as per suitability and appropriateness.

Comprehensive Investment Process

    • Equity

      Portfolio Managers,
      Direct Equity Advisory,
      Mutual Funds, Structures etc.

    • Fixed Income

      Mutual Funds, Bonds,
      Structured Products,
      Customised Solutions etc.

    • Alternates

      Private Equity, Real Estate,
      Hedge Fund Strategies,
      Direct Deals etc.

    • Investment Product Team

      Due Diligence and Strategy


    • External and Internal Think Tank

      Market Intelligence


    • Product Approval Committee

      Investment Selection Guidance


    • Investment Advisor

      Bespoke Advisory


    • Client Portfolio

      Risk Appropriate
      & IPS Compliant

      Full alignment to meet investment objectives

Recommendations are based on combining the science and art of investment analysis, with a dedicated product and research team
consisting of domain specialists across products that include Equities, Mutual Funds, Bonds, Structures, PMS, Derivatives etc.
With complete alignment of interest and a dedicated advisor, we ensure regular reviews of portfolios to present opportunities,
portfolio strategies and investment recommendations that are designed to ensure complete client supervision and involvement.

What sets us apart?

Extensive Client Coverage
No. of Families Advised: 240+
Total Assets Advised: ₹330 million
  • Open Architecture

    Access to investment products
    by various managers and issuers,
    without any undue focus
    on in-house ideas.

  • Institutional Assessment

    Backed by strong research
    expertise and institutional overlay
    on tactical calls, advice remains
    focused and Kotak quality
    is assured.

  • Asset-oriented Approach

    A strong belief in eliminating
    conflict of interest between the
    advisor and the investor, which is
    evidenced by a transparent
    fee structure.

  • Simplified Investing

    Clear, frequent and transparent
    communications like daily market
    updates, monthly investment strategy
    reports, portfolio reviews, regular
    updates from fund managers and
    industry experts.

The Team

Nishant Kumar

Head-Investment Advisory

Kotak Investment Advisors Limited

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Advisory solutions are designed after working with you to identify your unique situation, define your investment objectives and develop a strategy to
achieve these. Your investment advisor works with you to monitor your portfolio on an ongoing basis and align your investments towards your goals.

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